Itsukushima Shrine

Corridor (Kairo)

Corridor (Kairo)


Lanterns & Great Torii

Lanterns & Great Torii

Shinomiya Shrine

Momijidani Park

Momijidani Park

Istukushima Shrine

By night, for Tanomosan Festival

By night, for Tanomosan Festival

View from Daishoin Temple

2d floor of Maniden Hall

2d floor of Maniden Hall

Mt. Misen top

with a view on Seto Inland Sea islands

with a view on Seto Inland Sea islands

Tahoto Pagoda

in the green foliage

in the green foliage

Primeval forest

View from the ropeway

View from the ropeway
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Transportaion, Times, Fares

There are many ways to get to Miyajima.

Download the access map to Miyajima (Transportation, Traveling Times, and Fares)

By Airplane


From Hiroshima Airport
Traveling from Hiroshima Airport takes 48minutes by shuttle bus for JR Hiroshima Station. Take the Sanyo line from JR Hiroshima Station to JR Miyajimaguchi.


From Iwakuni Kintaikyo Airport

Traveling from Iwakuni Kintaikyo Airport takes 12minutes by shuttle bus for JR Iwakuni Station. Take the Sanyo line from JR Iwakuni Station to JR Miyajimaguchi. (23min)


By Bus

Save Money by Traveling at Night: By Bus

You can search for the way to Hiroshima, and the place of departure when you scroll Hiroshima on the map. Willer Express.

Save money by using a JAPAN BUS PASS


Access to Miyajima Guchi from Hiroshima City


JR Sanyo line (To Iwakuni):

21.8 Km:

27 minutes (410 yen)

There are a few train services each hour. Check the traveling time by train 

By Tramway

Tram Hiroshima ‘Dentetsu’ (To Miyajima Guchi by Hiroden)
This service is every 9 minutes.

69 minutes from Hiroshima Station (280 yen)

52 minutes from the A-Bomb Dome (280 yen)


Hiroden HP (English version)
Hiroden HP (Japanese version, Timetable is also Available)

Save money by using the package pass !

One day pass (Tram and Ferry)

By Car:

From the Kansai Area: Hiroshima Iwakuni Doro: Get off at Hatsukaichi IC, Take Route 2 to the Miyajima Guchi Ferry Entrance (About ten minutes)
From the Kyushu area: Hiroshima Iwakuni Doro: Get off at Ono IC, Take Kokudo 2 to the Miyajima Ferry Entrance (About ten minutes)

There are not many parking spaces on Miyajima Island, and the road is not convenient for driving. It is therefore recommended to park your car at Miyajima Guchi. There are places to park in Miyajima Guchi.

By Ferry 

Ferry: Miyajima Guchi – Miyajima: Ten minutes 

Adults: 180 yen
Children: 90 yen

Time Table for Matsudai Kisen - service about every 15 minutes

JR connected Ferry (Show your JR pass ) - service about every 15 minutes

World Heritage Site Sea Route

Aqua-net HP

Departure: Peace Memorial Park Aqua-net HP